The Players' Guild of Hamilton (L5059)

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Address 80 Queen St S
Hamilton ON L8P 3R8
Neighbourhood Kirkendall North
Region / Municipality Hamilton
Distance From Toronto 70 km, 44 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description 3-storey Victorian house for Players' Guild of Hamilton Inc. Built in 1878. 100 seat theatre with stage. Stage is 34 ft x 26 ft. Loading bay with access to stage. Many original architectural features. Living, dining room and kitchen on main floor. Library, Actor's Lounge, dressing rooms and green room on 2nd floor. Costume storage room with skylight on 3rd floor. Basement with large prop room and workshop. 4 washrooms. 1,500 square feet, beautiful staircase with original fireplace, wide doorways and easy access for crew. Many original details. Carpeting, linoleum and black & white tiled flooring. Studio off back.
Architecture Victorian
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