Oshawa (L4872)

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Oshawa ON L1H 4H9
Region / Municipality Durham / Oshawa
Distance From Toronto 56 km, 35 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Mid-sized city with older downtown core. Modern urban civic buildings, churches and period commercial buildings. Urban revitalization plan. Painted murals on downtown buildings. Oshawa Public Library 65 Bagot St (www.opl.on.ca), Robert McLaughlin Gallery 72 Queen St (www.rmg.on.ca). Mixed architectural housing styles: woodframe cottages, midscale brick detached and upscale homes in north end. Lakeview Park is a large waterfront park with beaches, cemetery and three heritage homes: Robinson Home, circa 1846, yellow brick with gambrel roof; Henry House circa 1849, Victorian limestone brick; Guy House circa 1835 woodframe farmhouse. Factories and industrial areas including GM plant.
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