Kitchener Bus Terminal (L4044)

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Address 15 Charles St W
Kitchener ON N2G 1H3
Region / Municipality Waterloo / Kitchener
Distance From Toronto 109 km, 68 miles, 1.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Sitting on 2 1/2 acres in downtown Kitchener, the vacant bus terminal was built in 1988 and closed in 2019. Main bus station and downtown hub for local Grand River Transit (GRT) bus services for Kitchener and Waterloo. This modern terminal is also used by a number of intercity operators. It is the largest public service facility run by GRT, the main terminal building is a post-modern style. It contains the ticket desk, plus washrooms and administrative office space on the upper level; the lower level has a licensed restaurant and walk-in cafe, plus an ATM. Access between the floors is by escalator or elevator. Access to the GRT bus platforms from the entry structure is by an enclosed, elevated walkway with plenty of seating areas. Facilities include 25 bus stands with covered platforms and 2 pods attached by elevated pedestrian tubes. The pods are waiting space for passengers and include stairwells, escalators and elevators.
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