Cambridge (L2283)

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Cambridge ON N1R 1V5
Region / Municipality Waterloo / Cambridge
Distance From Toronto 93 km, 58 miles, 1.25 hours Map | Street
Location Description City consists of 3 smaller communities: Hespeler, Galt and Preston. Main street in Galt is Water Street, running along the Grand River. There are 3 main bridges crossing the Grand River in the downtown core; 2 are cement structures. A large trestle train bridge crosses the Grand at River Bluffs Park. Core commercial area consists of restored limestone period architecture. European look. Queen's Square is on the West bank of the Grand River and includes quaint shops and 2 large period churches. Mix of midscale and upscale period residential areas. Victoria Park area has large Victorian homes with period lampposts. The east side of the river has more mid-scale housing, but with many restored period looks. Period library and city hall.
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UK - London
USA - Pacific Northwest
USA - Small Town
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