Whistling Gardens (L19686)

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Address 698 Concession 3 Townsend
Wilsonville ON N0E 1Z0
Region / Municipality Norfolk
Distance From Toronto 118 km, 74 miles, 1.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description The location has an aviary and 20 acres of botanical gardens with 6 distinctive gardens: over 2,000 different species of Conifer trees, the largest collection in North America. The formal gardens, designed from the Renaissance period and from those gardens found on the grounds at the Palace of Versailles. The formal gardens have statuary, fountains, and flower displays. There is a 2 acre pond as well as several naturalized areas with ponds and a winding brook. An open-air fountain amphitheatre features 3 - 80' staircase fountains and 100 jets with computerized pumps to provide musical programming to choreography. All gardens are wheelchair accessible and there is a large parking area.
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