The Opinicon (L17755)

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Address 1697 Chaffeys Lock Rd
Elgin ON K0G 1E0
Region / Municipality Frontenac / South Frontenac
Distance From Toronto 308 km, 191 miles, 3.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description The Opinicon Dining & Resort is situated between Kingston and Ottawa in the Frontenac County. It was first built as a private residence in the late 1870s, its prime location on Opinicon Lake made it a draw for fishermen and tourists alike. The building has recently been renovated, but the current owners have ensured to keep the building's original features. The resort consists of a large 2 storey 1870s building with a bright dining area, a pub and many modern common rooms. There are several small cottages on the property, as well as a large swimming pool and a hot tub which face Opinicon Lake. There are numerous balconies, patios, decks and an ice cream shop.
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