Renaissance Event Venue (L17600)

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Address 285 Queen St
Kingston ON K7K 1B7
Region / Municipality Frontenac / Kingston
Distance From Toronto 266 km, 166 miles, 3.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description This historic church, built in 1837, is Kingston’s oldest surviving church structure. The Upper Salon is the former church sanctuary and presents an elegant event space with seating for up to 200 guests. Special architectural features include a 20 foot ceiling, marble floors, 8 stained glass windows, a gas fireplace, 5 antique chandeliers and a decorative balcony overlooking the salon. Located in downtown Kingston, the church has on-site parking for 30 cars with lots of adjacent street-side parking and several city parking lots nearby. There is also a large modern bar in the basement for events.
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