Bellrock Community Hall (L17555)

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Address 6034 Leveque Rd
Verona ON K0H 2W0
Region / Municipality Frontenac / South Frontenac
Distance From Toronto 265 km, 165 miles, 3.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description The Bellrock Community Hall was built over 150 years ago to serve as a one-room schoolhouse. Although the schoolhouse is no longer in operation, the building is now used as a community hall. The schoolhouse features a stage with a storage area in the back, a small kitchen, and two washrooms. Some of the original slate blackboards are still there, as is the teacher's cupboard. The bell tower and the bell are still in place. There is a beautiful old apple tree outside. The outhouses that were once used are still at the side of the schoolhouse in great condition.
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