Covent Garden Market (L17354)

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Address 130 King St
London ON N6A 1C5
Region / Municipality Middlesex / London
Distance From Toronto 195 km, 122 miles, 2.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Established in 1845, the modern market building opened in 1999 and covers 47,500 sq ft with 29,000 sq ft (sq ft) of leasable area. The second level mezzanine is open to the market in the centre and contains 9,000 sq ft for art culture and community projects. There is room for 47 permanent tenants, 41 on the main floor and 6 on the mezzanine. More than sixty farmers and local business’ participate in the Market’s twice-weekly seasonal Outdoor Farmers’ and Artisan Market on Rotary Market Square. Lower level parking garage.
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