Idlewyld Inn & Spa (L17350)

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Address 36 Grand Ave
London ON N6C 1K8
Region / Municipality Middlesex / London
Distance From Toronto 195 km, 122 miles, 2.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Situated in Old South residential London. Built in 1878 as a private residence, Idlewyld is a 3 storey, yellow brick Victorian inn with 21 guest rooms and a 70 seat dining room. Retaining the period architecture and furnishings, there are two private dining rooms, the Parlour and the Drawing Room. Lower level Wine Cellar banquet room has glass windows to actual wine cellar and additional entrance from back patio. High beamed ceilings, stained glass, numerous fireplaces and hardwood flooring throughout. Central staircase and small reception counter. Original Linsrusts-Walton wall covering in the dining room. Outdoor patio at the rear and outdoor dining area off the main dining room on the front porch. Circular driveway around centre fountain with parking at front and limited parking to the side.
Architecture Victorian
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