Lakeview Park (L17241)

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Address 55 Lakeview Park Ave
Oshawa ON L1J 7Z2
Region / Municipality Durham / Oshawa
Distance From Toronto 56 km, 35 miles, 0.75 hours Map | Street
Location Description Located along the shore of Lake Ontario in Oshawa, Lakeview Park is a community park with mature landscape setting, views of Lake Ontario, and is connected to recreational trails, Joseph Kolodzie Oshawa Creek Bike Path and the Waterfront Trail, Oshawa Second Marsh and McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve. The Park is also home to the historic Oshawa Community Museum, the Jubilee Pavilion and banquet centre, soccer fields, slow pitch diamonds, picnic facilities. At the most eastern end of the beaches is the industrialized Oshawa harbour.
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