Lot 42 (L17194)

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Address 41 Ardelt Place
Kitchener ON N2C 2C8
Region / Municipality Waterloo / Kitchener
Distance From Toronto 109 km, 68 miles, 1.50 hours Map | Street
Location Description Situated on 17 acres, the former steel mill has been re-purposed into an event centre. “The Factory” is a 44,000 sq ft venue, 5,000 person capacity with 4 bars, VIP mezzanines and modular staging. The vaulted ceiling retains the industrial look including steel beams, factory windows and a polished cement floor. “80 Ton” is a 14,000 sq ft, 1,500 person capacity venue with vaulted ceiling and fully operation 80 tonne crane. The “Crane Bar” has a 50 ft bar with 60 person capacity. “The Workshop” is a 3,000 sq ft venue with 250 person capacity and full surround sound Christie Vive audio. “The Backyard” is 10.5 open acres, 25,000 person capacity.
Architecture Modern
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