Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park (L17191)

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Address 3667 Concession Rd 6
Orono ON L0B 1M0
Region / Municipality Durham / Clarington
Distance From Toronto 86 km, 54 miles, 1.00 hours Map | Street
Location Description Open since 1983 and located in Clarington near the village of Orono, Jungle Cat World offers an up close animal experience and features big cats such as tigers, lions and panthers, a variety of other animals such as fox, kangaroo, lhama, lemurs, various birds and other smaller animals. Also on the property is a pet cemetery, three-room zoo-themed bed and breakfast, and the Safari Zoo children’s camp. Jungle Cat World is fully accredited CAZA/AZAC zoo facility. It was formerly called Orono Exotic Cat World.
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