St John's Anglican Church and Parish Hall Rockwood (L16942)

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Address 112 Guelph St
Rockwood ON N0B 2K0
Region / Municipality Wellington / Guelph-Eramosa
Distance From Toronto 79 km, 49 miles, 1.25 hours Map | Street
Location Description Small town church built in 1852 located in the heart of Rockwood. The church itself is located on a large green space next to a parish hall community centre. Grey stone exteriors with tower and arched windows. Entrance lobby has stairway and chair lift. Church has stained-glass windows, altar, sanctuary, pews, high ceilings. Kitchen, lounge, and activity room also in the building. St John's Parish Hall and Community Centre is located next to the church on 115 Main Street South. The event hall and community room includes a full kitchen. There are large mirrors as it can be used a dance studio or exercise room. Parking lot next to building.
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